42 days.

Life In Kenya

Well, I meant to post something on Thursday but I haven’t had internet until right now! Thursday was not only my 40th day in Kenya, it was also the first night I stayed at NV by myself – my roommates were in Kijabe that night. Surprisingly, it was much better than I had anticipated. I loved getting some alone time with the kids & an ample amount of quiet/twtl (time with the Lord) time. I have become so comfortable here & I know that is totally the Lord’s doing. I can’t even begin to explain how faithful & near He has been since I’ve been here. I am in awe of His power & love. Nahum 1:7 has become that one verse that is always stuck in my head because it’s so comforting and constantly reassures me of the fact that God knows me & He is watching me. The kids have been so sweet & fun to play with. For art class yesterday I had all the school aged kids (grades 1-6) and told them they could use whatever materials they wanted & make whatever craft their hearts desired – foam, construction paper, pom poms, stickers, etc. Needless to say, they LOVED it! They are all so talented & have some of the most unbridled imaginations I’ve ever seen. I’m so grateful to be their teacher! They are all so excited to see my family next week; not near as excited as I am, but they’re still pumped! I’m so grateful that the Lord has put missions on my family’s heart & cannot wait for them to join me out here!!

Nahum 1:7 – “The Lord is good; a stronghold in the day of trouble, He knows those who take refuge in Him.”

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