61 Days & Goodbyes.

Life In Kenya

Yesterday marked my 60th day of living here in Kenya. I can’t believe it’s been this long. The first two weeks, I’ll admit, felt like an eternity- mostly because I was put in situations that I’ve never before imagined & still do not understand how I made it through them. I know that that time alone was so guided by the Lord’s hand & I’m so grateful for the scripture & prayers that helped me persevere through those trials. God has been so good & I have never felt so near to Him.

The last 6 weeks have flown by & it only makes me think about how fast these next few months will fly – which makes me sad. In the two months that I’ve been here, I have said & seen too many goodbyes. I hate goodbyes. I know that some day we will all be together forever in Heaven with our Savior; but still. Saying goodbye to a friend at home who’s going off to college 2-5 hours away, still being able to text them & even drive to visit them is different.. Goodbyes have never hurt my heart so deeply like they do now, being here. My good friend Brittany, who came with my team to NV last year, just left today, along with many other good friends from my church. She wrote me a sweet note of encouragement with a couple verses on it. One of them being

James 1:5 – “Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete and not lacking anything.” This verse really spoke to me because I’ve been asking God to show me His main purpose in having me here for the time He does. To not give up, disconnect myself spiritually/emotionally, or allow my work to be done in vein. God has brought me over here to stretch me, allow me to grow in my faith, & to complete something in my heart that is lacking. I am so grateful that He is opening my eyes to all these things the way He is – graciously. The one thing I need most right now; grace. Almost everything I’ve done here, except for changing diapers/corralling/teaching kids, has been a new experience. I am, however, grateful for all the extra preparation God has granted me being a nanny/babysitter to a large amount of children back home! The things I’ve learned in the past year have helped me immensely; as you can imagine being at a children’s home! These kids are so inspiring & teach me new things everyday. Please continue to pray for my family & I as we endure new trials & experiences. We are moving back up to Kijabe next week into a (real) house! Will give more updates once we are back up living in the mountains. Mungu Bariki! (God bless)

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