More goodbyes, Fear, & Comfort.

Life In Kenya

This morning we headed into Nairobi to spend time with the Chandlers & Powells on their last day in Kenya. I’ve so loved having them all here. It’s felt more like home! So sad to have to say goodbye. You’d think it’d get easier, saying goodbye, but it hasn’t. God is good though & I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to serve with them.

I know you’re probably wondering why I am awake and posting this at 4:32(a.m.) – but here’s why.
 We got home from Nairobi at around 22:00 and Abbey went over to the Mendonsa’s house to hang out with a group of friends. She felt perfectly fine all day until she came home about an hour and a half later. Her temperature suddenly peeked very high and she began throwing up rather violently. About 10 minutes later she started to faint and said she couldn’t see. As expected, we all panicked. I called Bob in quite a frantic state. Thankfully we live about 100 feet away from the hospital, so Bob helped us rush her into the ER. Erin and I stayed back at the house; we were both pretty shaken up being in a different place and not knowing what to expect. They put an IV in her and she was responsive. Praise God! I have never felt the peace & nearness of the Holy Spirit like I did tonight. My friend Nichole is staying the night with us tonight & I feel so blessed to have her here to help keep me sane! The docs are thinking it was some type of food poisoning, but nothing is for sure yet. My parents are staying with her at the hospital tonight and she might be admitted into a room early tomorrow morning depending on the results. Please, please, please keep my family & especially Abbey in your prayers. This poor girl has been through the ringer when it comes to being sick in foreign countries.
My mom came over to the house to bring Erin and I over to see her at about 1:15. On the way in I was praying that the Lord would put His mighty hand on her, heal her quickly, and put her mind at peace. As we are walking up a ramp I look up at a frame hanging in the hallway that says Matthew 11:28 – “Come to Me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” I felt the Lord just place an overwhelming amount of peace in my heart & soul. He is sovereign. He knows what’s going on. He is not far from here and His arm is not too short to reach/heal my sweet sister, Abbey. I am eternally grateful for that peace, even though I still have no idea why this happened. He is good.
I’ll keep y’all updated.
Again, please keep my family in your prayers. This is a situation none of us were prepared for and we are pretty shaken up by it. Although, God is good & knows what He’s doing.
Love y’all & God bless.

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