Rift Valley, Maai Mahiu, Kenya (2012)

Life In Kenya

Rift Valley, Maai Mahiu, Kenya (2012)

This picture was taken my first time in Kenya while we were visiting the IDP camp (Vumillia).

I look at it sometimes and think, “How could there not be a God to design creation in such a way that it looks as if it were paint on a canvas?”, which the Spirit then confirms my beliefs and knowledge of the Lord, and it is oh so comforting.

The way the clouds’ shadows overlay the mountains is an amazingly beautiful image to me. It reminds me that even though we can’t feel the Father’s touch, He is watching over us and has imprinted us in the palm of His hand.

I pray that this pure picture of God’s glory is encouraging and uplifting to you.
Be blessed ~ Hannah

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