“As I Have Loved You, So You Must Love One Another”

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Well, friends, in Argyle, TX there’s this ugly, white stuff falling from the sky, forcing me to lock myself in the house while trying to recover from seasonal allergies. Not exactly how I wanted to spend my day off. But with that said, I feel that circumstances have aligned to allow me the time to [finally] write on a subject that weighs heavy on me: praying for my enemies (global & local).


“But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you…” Luke 6:27


First question that comes to my mind when I read that verse is, “Am I listening?”. Is my ear inclined to listen close to the things He’s telling me, always? When it comes to things that enhance my life & circumstances, you betcha. But the difficult things? The awkward, “I don’t think that’s really what You want me to do, Lord” things? Well, I surely don’t jump at those as enthusiastically or often as I ought.

Something God’s been pressing on me lately, with ISIS, other terrorist attacks, & sex trafficking filling all my social media news feeds, is the message in John 13:34: love as He loves, because He loves me. I’m also convicted by remembering that He came to save sinners. Sinners: me, you, everybody. I am not anymore worthy of His redemption & grace than a murderer from Baghdad. The prosperity-minded, American church would disagree, but that’s simply just the truth.

Praying for & loving our enemies well is one of those slightly awkward things God commands us to do. It’s a strange pill to swallow. Especially with the self-entitled, justice-craving, mindsets we’re raised being taught to have, it’s hard to imagine that having compassion for those who treat others so wrongly is right; but isn’t that exactly what Jesus did for us?

We put Him on that cross, we gave Him those 39 lashes, we mocked and called Him a liar & a phony; He was willing to be flogged to cover our iniquities – what kind of Love is this? Unconditional. Be encouraged in that! We are to treat others as we want to be treated. {Treat Christ with hatred, but then be given the option of forgiveness after repentance? Yes, please! I want that mercy! What other human being wouldn’t?}

His love should compel us to love; the instruction given to us is not to flippantly, uncaringly, throw a bible down one’s throat, but to love, pray & care for others genuinely — in the Middle East, Africa or Flower Mound.


And I don’t think it’s any coincidence that I’m writing about loving your enemies while locked in my house due to my biggest enemy: snow. I’m pretty sure Hell is frozen, and Heaven is a beach. But I guess we’ll just see.


Whoever you are, reading this, I am praying for you. For your heart to be softened & transformed by the magnificent work done by Christ & His love. I pray that you know Him deeply & are comforted that He knows you even deeper.

God bless you,


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