And So, The Adventure Begins

European Exploration


After a nine hour flight to Frankfurt, running like a chicken with its head cut off to my next gate, having to check my carry on (for free, WHOOP), I finally [and safely] am in Berlin!

The Campbell’s met me at the airport, then Keri drove us back to their home which is the cutest red brick house I think I’ve ever seen! The whole neighborhood is quaint & beautiful. Cobblestone streets lined with trees, multicolored homes overflowing with character, people transporting by foot or bicycle…I just can’t take it!

The Lord is so sweet to bring along friends who so quickly become like family. Generous is the perfect word to define the Campbell family; if you know them, I’m sure you agree. They have so warmly welcomed me into their home, family and life – such a genuine example of sacrifice!

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Properly brewed beer – my favorite! 

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Yesterday, David brought some falafel sandwiches home for lunch…YUM! Then for dinner we went to this beautiful Tiergarten and, besides the sugar hunting bees that so rudely swarmed our table, the food was so tasty and the atmosphere was wonderful!

I can’t wait to embark on adventures with this family in the weeks to come!


⧫ Keri & Ben have a cold – pray for healing!
⧫ That I would be a help & blessing for this family.
⧫ For joy and a deeper trust in the Lord.

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