There’s A First Time For Everything!

European Exploration

Wow, what a time of adventure! Over the weekend, the Campbell’s and I went to Potsdam to walk the castle located there and eat dinner at one of the restaurants in town afterwards.

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It was possibly the cutest town I had ever laid eyes on! One of the things I love most about Europe is the use of color and diversity and character that covers their architecture.


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We took a little stroll that brought us to the entrance of the castle in Potsdam.



This family – what an incredible blessing they are!


More of Potsdam:



The courtyards were filled with beautifully arranged flowers and other various plants. It was breathtaking!

IMG_0327 IMG_0329 IMG_0336

There was a ginormous windmill on the castle grounds. I’d never seen anything like this!

IMG_0342 Closer view of the King’s summer home.


We then started down a path that would soon lead to an even bigger castle.


But first, we took a side trail that brought us to a temple called “The Chinese House”.

IMG_0351                 IMG_0363

IMG_0365There are trees everywhere. EVERYWHERE. This hippie just can’t get enough.


We then made it to the end of the (at least) mile long trail to the “more legit” castle, if you will. Sadly it was under construction and we couldn’t go inside, but it was still so ornate and beautiful on the outside!


And just like that, the sky turned from bright blue to gloomy gray, and drops of water began to fall from it. It’s funny because Ben had brought his [rather large & heavy duty] school backpack, and we all wondered what he might need it for…but it came in handy after all, saving each of our electronic devices from getting wet!

It had started out as a nice drizzle, not one bit bothersome. But then…it came down like crazy. We couldn’t see very far ahead of us; that hard! So, naturally, we all ran back, slipping and sliding, to the entrance of the palace, hoping and praying it would stop or at least lighten, and it finally did.

It felt like we were in a movie, running out of the palace…one of the funnest times of my life! I may have gotten a cold from this experience, but it was well worth it.


Remember how we wanted to go eat after that? Yeah, we thought about it. But we were all soaked from head to toe. So we went home and had a little TexMex feast. I am so grateful to be in this place for this time. God blesses His children in the richest ways, ways I could never imagine!

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