“Not My Bow”

European Exploration

Psalm 44:6-7

“For not in my bow do I trust, nor can my sword save me. But You have saved us from our foes and have put to shame those who hate us.”

This text has become an anchor upon which my soul rests, serving as a weapon against my fear. It is scary at times, thinking of traveling alone, not always having an immediate contact for safety with me…but in actuality, I do and have had that all my life.

Knowing that the reality of my life consists of being given purpose in every breath by a Creator who loves me deeply relieves every ounce of fret or nervousness. Does this mean that I never question His plans? Heck no, unfortunately. BUT He is always faithful to remind me how every time I’ve fallen (which is a lot), He has graciously picked me back up; not because I deserved it, but because He’s simply just that good.

Having a heart for international missions & love for the unknown leaves me, sometimes, questioning if I can handle such a task. It’s easy for me to lean on my own efforts, in turn neglecting my needy spirit, even though, all my life, I’ve been learning how to not do that because in the end, my way fails. When I share Christ with people, I don’t want to leave a single thing out – but that’s not my weight to hold…not my yoke to carry.

The Lord keeps teaching me that when He wants someone to know something about Himself, He will somehow make it happen. Without fail, He always gets His point across. Whether it’s something He wants to tell me or someone else, He perfectly and seamlessly makes His point.

Though the Lord has always kept me near, I still am learning new things everyday about Who He is, how He works and why. Knowing that it’s “not my bow” or efforts that will rescue His children is hugely comforting to my soul.

My time in berlin is not one bit structured, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. Some of the most influential and growing times of my faith have been brought on by unexpected conversations, begun by someone simply asking my story or why I do what I do.

I am asking that you pray for me to have the courage and humility to enter in with strangers (not a strong suit of mine). I believe the Holy Spirit is at work right now, and I don’t want to wimp out of an opportunity to share His goodness with those who haven’t seen it. I believe there are people all over the world who God has chosen for His kingdom, but they just don’t know it yet. What joy it would bring my soul to be used by Him to lead someone to their revelation of Jesus Christ and His love for them.

Besides fellowship with God, my main goal in life is to reveal the joy found in Him to those who do not yet possess it. Please pray for boldness of spirit and a humble posture when the opportunity arises.

Peace be with you!

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