Unexpected Life Changers 


To be honest, before coming to Germany, I had no expectations, plans, or hopes. I, of course, was excited about time with friends, eating great food, and seeing more of Europe, however, I hadn’t given a thought to creating an itinerary for the days and weeks to come.

When strangers & friends ask if these months are centered around vacation, missions, or otherwise, my answer lacks certainty.

“I make it my ambition to preach Christ where he has not been named” — Paul the Missionary

In other words, because I am a chosen child of God,  bought with the blood of Christ, now guided by the Spirit, anytime, anywhere and everywhere my feet land, there the kingdom of God is. His power to minister is not limited by my separation of “fun time” and “Jesus time”—a seriously dangerous mindset.

I pray against that for all believers, for it sets us on a path that impairs our view of the profound strength of our Holy God.

Thus far, my time in Berlin has been most restful. Unexpectedly, roughly two weeks into my trip, all my social media feeds began to be filled with links to pages about the refugee influx in Europe, especially Germany. I had no idea what divine appointment had just been placed on this part of the timeline of humanity.

But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.”  Exodus 9:16 

{If you haven’t educated yourself on what is happening in Europe, most heavily in Germany,  I deeply encourage you to do so.}

I’m 1/4 Syrian—don’t let the blue eyes, light hair, and fair skin fool ya. My great-grandparents immigrated from Syria to Boston in the early 1900’s, meaning my grandpa (Gido) would be first generation in the states. I’ve desired over the past few years to spend time in the middle east, learn more about my family’s culture which I neglected to do before my Gido passed, and attempt to learn Arabic, Farsi, etc.

I bought my ticket to Berlin on a hot, Texas-summer day with good adventures joined by new friends as the only foresight or idea I had of what August-November would look like.

I had no idea what the Lord was going to do, and He’s once again proven that there’s always a good reason for that.

Why do I mention those things, you ask? Because I am in a place right now where people of my heritage are seeking refuge, and I had absolutely no part in the timing and place of this situation.

How in the world could I have planned this? Exactly, I literally couldn’t. But how great is it that He has me here for such a time as this? I might not even get to speak into a single person’s life, and that’s okay, I’m no savior. However, to watch and learn from my brothers and sisters here living out the love of God to others in so many brilliant ways is a priceless gift. Sometimes it is good (even wise) to observe. Not at all implying that you shouldn’t practice what you preach, but you have to learn what to preach before you’re able to practice it, right?

Most, quite possibly all, don’t realize what refuge their heart is truly yearning for: refuge in God.

It’s hard for me to imagine, as someone who’s known nothing but security and protection, to wrap my head around the reality of the 800,000 that are expected to flee from their homeland to Germany by the end of this year… Sure makes Romans 8:28 hard to confidently believe.

If you read and believe in the scriptures of the Holy Bible, I urge you to pray that all man-made religions would be turned from and unwanted because of the strength of God’s love for His children. That no one would not buck any telling of God’s steadfast love and faithfulness, but run full-force into His welcoming arms.

Pray that the eyes of those now seeking mere shelter would be opened and shown what their hearts are truly seeking: eternal Hope, Love, & Grace.

God loves these people. They were created in His image, just like you and me.

We were created to worship Him in freedom, not abandon ourselves to false gods.

Pray. Pray. Pray. 

To learn more about what God is doing through the full-time missionaries here in Berlin, here is a link that I hope will be helpful & encouraging to you: http://www.prayforberlin.org    



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  1. So good, Hannah!! Love the insight about not separating faith and fun. Can’t wait to hear more about what God’s teaching you when I see you ONE MONTH from today! ❤️

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