Auf Wiedersehen, Berlin

I knew this day was coming, but it’s arrived much faster than I imagined. Goodbyes are seldom fun, and I’m really not looking forward to it tomorrow morn. 

However, I know the upcoming plans of the Lord are filled with new adventures and more ways to explore His greatness! 

To be honest, I really didn’t think I’d fall in love with this place like I have. 

Things I’ll remember most are:

  • The people I’ve met + friends I’ve made
  • Talks with Jesus on bike/train rides
  • Hearing conversations in unknown languages everywhere I went
  • Endless coffee excursions 

This time of restoration and rejuvenation has felt surreal in every sense of the word. 


To say I’ve been blessed by this family would be quite the understatement. Their generosity, love, kindness and selflessness are only evidences of the Holy Spirit’s sweet rule in their hearts. I’ve learned so much about Jesus and how He loves from living under their roof.

I deeply encourage you (wherever you are in life) to get away, in an unknown place, with Jesus, and let Him teach you things you can’t teach yourself. His Spirit is never resting and never tiring — take advantage of that! It’s as simple as keeping an open mind and your eyes wide. 

He loves you, delights in you, and pursues you; do the same to Him! 

We are, by Divine design, worshippers — once your focus is set upon His face, everything that follows spreads the Kingdom where it has not yet been brought.

Be bold, love well and be eager to EXPLORE! 


One Reply to “Auf Wiedersehen, Berlin”

  1. You are beautiful, and amazing, my dear. Sweet partings and safe travels to the next adventure. thank you for your pics and writings to share with us. love, love, love
    debbie stewart, albuquerque, nm, usa

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