Jot It Down: The Gift of Documentation

Untouched Path

My momma always told me to journal throughout my life so I, at any point, could look back and remember how I got where I am. She also swore it helps make the important, and even unimportant, events in my life become long-term memories—I just wish I would’ve listened sooner.

I reluctantly began journaling around my 18th birthday. Over time, writing became routine. This was a season in my life that was heavily influenced by change of scenery and circumstance. Having just moved to Kenya without any family, I didn’t have many immediate people near to share my heart’s recent burdens; my notebook had become my sidekick.

Things started off rough; jotting down everything that happens in a day can get tiresome. So I thought, “There’s gotta be more to this, right?”

Oddly enough, a line said by Aibileen Clark from ‘The Help‘ offered some insight.

“I thought I might write my stories down or read ’em to you. Ain’t no different in writin’ down my prayers.” 

“Ah, that’s it”, I thought. Then I began writing as if Someone else was reading my entries; and He is.

If you’re stuck or confused or don’t know where to turn, get some pieces of paper and a pencil and begin a documented dialogue with the One who is your help.

Yes, I’ve become one of those hippies who goes nowhere without a pen-pad & pencil, ever prepared to scribble a thought or feeling down, taking it captive and giving it to Him.

Joy and peace are the primary things I’ve found since taking up journaling. I highly recommend beginning this practice so that you may reap the benefits of a deeper, more tangible connection with life & the Lord!

And, you know what they say, Mom knows best.

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