Low Expectations, Great Outcome

Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.

Proverbs 19:21

As my 90 days in Europe come to an end, I am drawn to reflect on my time here and more deeply analyze the things I’ve been taught.

Ten times out of ten, God’s plans greatly supersede mine. However, for some reason, there’s always a small ounce of doubt in my mind; I’ll walk away from experiences disappointed or unimpressed.

When leaving Berlin, my friends asked, “What was the best part of being here? What was the worst?” Thankfully, I never had an answer for the latter question.

My dad is a master at making everyone else’s lives less difficult, even if it makes his so. A phrase he often repeats is ‘go with the flow’. No—it doesn’t have a thing to do with giving into peer pressure or doing what everyone else is. Rather, its purpose is to urge me to loosen the grip on my agenda, making it easier to honor other’s requests.

Never before has this phrase been so suitable for my life than in these past three months.

The only thing I knew before embarking on this adventure was whose roof(s) I would be staying under. I wasn’t working or making any money, yet He provided the food I needed, and so much more. My expectations were low, however, the outcome was greater than I could’ve dreamed.

So many times I would wake and think, “What day is it?” I had no regimented schedule or itinerary; no agenda. I realize that isn’t realistic or ideal for 60% of the world. In fact, I know some who wouldn’t even enjoy having one day like that. But—it truly is so good not to be in control.

Gosh, I can’t say it enough!

Living in the freedom of His timeline is so liberating. And I know it sounds cliché—even redundant—but His ways are not ours, neither His thoughts.

Believe me, I don’t have this whole “life” thing figured out (not even close!). But I do know this: He who created you wants you to be free, and that only happens when the Author of freedom is writing your story.

As a sinner made perfect by the blood of Christ you have no rights or entitlements—and trust me—His righteousness far exceeds our fleshly desires.

He knows you, sees you, loves you, and delights in you. Trust Him.


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