Seasonal Tips for Babysitters

Helpful Hints

I’ve never really done a self-help blog, but I thought I’d give it a go…

So, here goes!



If you’re like me, babysitting could be your career. And not that “playing house” or ‘Monopoly‘ ten times in a row isn’t a blast, but I know you’re thinking “Surely there’s got to be SOMETHING else…right?!”

You’re in luck–there is!

Ideas/crafts/recipes change by the season, but since we’re in the jolliest season ever, the simplest option would be to make dough at your house, then bring it to wherever you’re sitting. Prep time is not long or laborious, and it’s SUPER fun for the kids (depending on age (usually best for 3+)).

There are (literally) BILLIONS of different recipes you could follow for your dough, but I have found one that turned out spectacular! Wasn’t too chewy, neither too crunchy. (


This dough kept great form once we used the cookie-cutters which is always a helpful thing (especially with kids).

Having a variety of add-ins (sprinkles, Red-hots, M&M’s, etc.) brings color and more fun to the cookie-making!


Also, as a consistent sitter, I know how messes can intimidate…but don’t let them. Just have fun with it and worry about the clean-up later; I promise it makes the process way more fun for the kids and YOU! Plus, flour is fun to play with and easy to wipe up.

After you’ve cut out all the dough and await the timer’s ding, make some hot cocoa (topped with whip, of course) to enjoy while they cook!


Once they are fully cooked, set them out to cool so that you can ice them! My go-to flavor is vanilla, but feel free to choose whatever sounds best to you.


I also would advise playing a Christmas movie because it simply just makes things more fun and sets a good mood.

I hope you enjoy this idea, or even become inspired to invent your own! It’s a special honor and tons of fun being a babysitter; not ever a dull moment!

Merry Christmas, y’all!


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