Papua New Guinea: Mt. Hagen

The young lions suffer want and hunger; but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.”

 Psalm  34:10
(Top of the hill) YWAM Mt. Hagen Base
Our first location & headquarters during our stay in Papua New Guinea happened to be the YWAM Base in Mt. Hagen. Once we triumphantly completed the 2k hike up to the base, after almost losing our bags and van down a waterfall, we were warmly welcomed by the staff. The hut-houses quickly began to feel like home, and new routines were formed.
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Living room at the base in Mt. Hagen

This space served as a sweet refuge for myself and the team. Whether studying scripture or playing Munchkin Legends (our favorite game, kinda), we each felt well-rested and more strongly bonded after spending time there.


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All packed up and loaded down before we headed out on our first trip to a village
My most memorable and favorite home will forever be this straw-walled, wood-floored hut. Simplicity and minimal-living at its finest, this space gave opportunity for many new experiences and laughs and inside jokes to be had. I learned, once again, of my ever-growing love for the simple lifestyle.

Market in the town of Mt. Hagen (Jazz, Martin, and Auntie A)
A little chaotic and scattered, in standard food-and-goods market fashion, we closely followed Auntie A’s navigation of the pineapple-and-passion-fruit-filled maze. I had especially missed getting my groceries from local farmers, so this was easily one of my favorite things we did while on outreach.

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Guavas + Ginger
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Me, Mathias, and Ash


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Sweet Mama (19) and her ill newborn whom I met & prayed for after our first open-air ministry
I wish I had footage and photos of our first day of ministry, but words will have to suffice.

Uncle D, Auntie A’s husband, was our translator, and we saw the Lord work in miraculous ways right off the bat. People were getting healed left and right; I led two ladies to Jesus; the Spirit was moving powerfully amongst the random 600-700 member crowd we were ministering to.

Our team had been told that, on outreach, we would see many healings and salvations and miracles, and this first day had already proven those prophesies true. This only grew our excitement and encouraged us for what the rest of our time in PNG could unfold into!


This was our primary approach for ministry during our time in PNG. We found that posting up our speaker in a space of open land and playing a few songs faithfully drew crowds that would stick around, even long enough for us to go around afterwards for 1-1 evangelism & prayer.

THE SET UP: We introduced ourselves (in Pigeon), explained what we were there for, and proceeded with two dramas and two “mini” sermons. After the first drama, one of us would give a testimony of how the LORD had moved in our lives, and after the second, a full but brief gospel presentation/alter call. More often than not, the response at our open-airs was a deep encouragement to each of us. God was so clearly opening eyes and softening hearts; what a beautiful thing to visibly witness – seeing grown men and women cry because of His amazing grace.

I personally saw hundreds of healings and salvations. The deaf could hear, the blind see, and lame or injured walk, run.

One older man, in another town we visited, after I prayed for his hurt knee, said it felt better in the moment, but he wanted to run a few kilometers and test it out and then come back to tell me if his healing was real. He ended up, instead, not running but stuck around, and we talked about the differences between my home and his. When I told him I had to leave, he asked me to keep praying for and thinking about his country once I would eventually depart. I told him and the other people who’d congregated around us during our conversation, as they typically do, that I’d already been praying for PNG for nearly two years, and that I’d never stop.

God has sweet plans ahead for that country, and I believe revival in their faith will come like an avalanche, influencing the surrounding countries and other religions.


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These two sweeties lingered by my side after an open-air we did with the students from the DTS currently running at YWAM Mt. Hagen
I met this sweet girl at a secondary school where Jesus radically shook things up and freed souls from bondage in worship; truly an amazing night
Mathias sharing the gospel with the children at a primary school
Mathias and Joël having a rap battle after the school’s devotional time

Jazz holding the wild parakeet we met by our bus stop and named and basically treated like he belonged to us
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Sometimes you crawl up to your hut because your legs just can’t take anymore…
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Lovely hammock spot I found at the base
Not the worst view to have while taking a nap in your hammock


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The sweetest outreach mates & sisters I could’ve asked for (L to R: Hannah (me), Miriam, Åshild, and Jazz)
Friendship gained a whole new essence for me during outreach phase. These three and I came to know each other better than we know ourselves: no secrets, no insecurities, nothing hidden. There’s honestly nothing better than that, to know you have others around who know the good, the bad, and the ugly but still love you as if they didn’t; to have others who only encourage you towards what is godly and true and right and pure.

These truth-tellers made my time in PNG so treasurable, and I will ever cherish their words of loving-kindness and grace.

If you want to learn how to build up others, they are a great example to follow.


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Martin helping me bake my special, no-recipe Coffee, Chocolate Chip, Banana bread
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Matt taking a nap on Joël during our breakfast prayer
Martin and Joël taking an afternoon nap


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View of the valley at 06:45 
Needless to say, this place was a very special location that each of us, I believe, will hold near and dear for quite some time. God is a good provider, and I am so grateful to have received the fruits of that truth.


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