It’s not a fad, it’s a lifestyle


I began a full-on plant-based diet August 2017, and I never once have thought about turning back to my old eating habits.

Sure, I had to learn new tricks and new strategies to make this work on a daily basis, but I was so shocked by how easy it was to nail down a new routine!

I could not have made this huge transition or continue in this journey if it weren’t for my good friend, Jill, and many other wonderful plant-lovers I’ve met along the way. If you are interested in adding more whole foods to your daily diet but need community and encouragement, I want to be that for you!

My contact information is on the side widget of this page. There you can email me and we can set up a consultation (either over the phone or in a coffee shop, depending on location) to figure out what your goals and hopes are so I can help you get on the track to making lifestyle changes!